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Snorkeling with the gentlest of giants

I’ve never been a big fan of snorkels. When I’m diving, I find it’s a bit of a nuisance to have it hanging off my mask. I do own one, but it’s flexible enough to tuck into the pocket of my BCD, ready to haul out for a surface swim if needed, but otherwise, I’m […]

Who says whales don’t have legs?

It’s been almost a year since “I missed it.” It was a beautiful day in the middle of last July when a group of us decided to head out on the water in search of whales. The humpbacks had returned to Newfoundland from the Dominican Republic to feed and fatten up at the capelin buffet before […]

A bucket list kind of day

Although I’ve often joked about how my life has gone in unexpected directions as a result of bad timing, this week timing was on my side. I bounce around a bit these days, but realized about a month ago I was going to be in Ottawa the same time as Dr. Sylvia Earle. She doesn’t make many […]

I’ve got high hopes for you, 40

I spent the last hours of my 39th year thinking back on the last decade. And without a doubt, it’s been a great one. My favourite one yet. Your 30s don’t have a word like ‘fabulous’ attached to them as your 40s do, but they should. I’m just not sure what it should be: If […]

My first travel story

So yesterday here in Ottawa, it was 15C. Yay…no socks!!! Today? We’ve woken up to more snow on the ground. Boo, socks. Now, I grew up in Labrador and loved winter. You had to. You wouldn’t survive otherwise. But the last few years? That love has waned — except around Christmas. That said, I’ve refrained […]

Diving In!

Not the St. Lawrence River….   I’ve been meaning to start this blog for a long time. Years. It’s been a new year’s resolution more than once, been on numerous to-do lists, but yet it never happened. Life, travel…and plenty of writing for magazines, websites and other people’s blogs….it all conspired to keep this beast […]